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Forklift Hire Cheltenham

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Forklift Hire Cheltenham

?If you need to hire a forklift in Cheltenham, be sure to get in touch with Solution MHE, the leading materials handling company in the South West of England.?Solution MHE?has been hiring forklifts for over 17 years in the areas of?Bristol,??Swindon,?Cheltenham,?Gloucester,?Stroud, Bath and Weston Super-Mare. Our competitive pricing and outstanding service means that we are able to provide an unrivalled service. If you’re looking to hire a forklift truck in Cheltenham, read on for the benefits of hiring your forklifts from us.

?Benefits of hiring a forklift

The chief benefit of hiring forklifts is that you are not required to put down any money upfront. Your trucks will be delivered to you right away, and you will be charged at a monthly rate. This is perfect for companies that cannot afford the substantial financial hit of buying a fleet of forklifts upfront. It is also very flexible. You can hire what you want, when you want it. Let’s say you have a business that requires 10 forklifts at peak times but only 5 the rest of the time. Rather than having 5 forklifts sat around gathering dust during off peak times, you can simply send the ones that are not being used back to us so that you don’t have to pay for them.

?Benefits of short term forklift hire Cheltenham services

Short term Cheltenham?forklift truck hire?is an ideal solution for customers who have seasonal requirements, and don’t need a fleet all year round. They are also suitable if a customer needs the forklifts for a particular short term project that has an end date scheduled in. It is also an ideal solution if a business’ cash flow is not in good shape; our short term forklift hire Cheltenham services can be cancelled easily and quickly, and do not have a cancellation penalty.

?Benefits of long term forklift rental Cheltenham services

Long term agreements tend to be set for an agreed time – for example 12 or 24 months – and are difficult to get out of without paying a cancellation fee. However, this can have benefits. Month on month, the cost of a long term rental is lower, and you also have priority access to our engineering team. Therefore, if your trucks break down, we will quickly dispatch an engineer to fix it.

?How to get started

?To hire your forklift in Cheltenham, get in touch with us today! You can contact us on the phone at 0117 938 2012, or via email at sales@solutionmhe.com.?Solution MHE?is also the leading forklift sales provider in?Bristol,?Swindon,?Cheltenham,?Gloucester,?Stroud, Bath and Weston Super-Mare.

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