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Celebrating 2019 – A Great Year for Solution MHE

As December races by and Christmas gets closer, we’ve been taking stock here at Solution MHE in order to celebrate what a successful year 2019 has been. With so much to look back on, we thought we’d put together our biggest achievements this year to share with you.

New customers keep coming!

Joining from our racking division this year we’ve had a number of new customers including Gregory’s Distribution, Mulberry’s and Wilmott Transport.

It’s always great to have new customers on board, especially when they are customers who we continue to work with year on year, as our relationship with them continues to florish. As our contracts with our customers grow, it gives us more and more of an opportunity to do what we do best, and show where we can add real value to other businesses.

Our year in numbers

This year we’ve been pleased to announce that our turnover has doubled in 2019 from £2m to £4m! What a result!

We are so pleased to have grown so fast, and this has taken our staff headcount up to 19. It’s great to see our team grow, so that we can ensure that all our customers, new and existing, can expect the same high standards of service from us.

Our forklift truck sales have increased by 50%, predominantly in the used sector, as we’ve seen real growth when it comes to second hand trucks. When it comes to second hand trucks we pride ourselves on offering the best quality refurbished trucks. All the used forklifts we offer for sale come to the customer after a thorough investigation in our workshop, repaired, and resprayed to look as good as new, they are also supplied with a parts and labour warranty, and come with a thorough examination certificate. We also offer a comprehensive service package to keep the trucks running alongside the rest of your fleet. 

Jungheinrich – another great year for our partner

We are proud to partner with Jungheinrich and offer their new forklifts to our customers. With a great range available, their forklifts can solve most problems in your business.

2019 was a great year for Jungheinrich. Investing in future technology, they announced in August that JT Energy Systems, established by Jungheinrich alongside Triathlon Holding GmbH in January 2019, would become the largest European production centre for Li-ion batteries. These batteries are becoming increasingly popular in the forklift industry, not least for their eco credentials, and this move shows Jungheinrich’s commitment to making that future possible.

Looking to the future – what does 2020 hold?

It’s not just about looking back at the year we’ve had, we are also looking to the future. We’ve already had lots of positive conversations with quoted customers for the first quarter of 2020, and we are keen to keep the business growing.

Our drive to recruit more team members to our friendly dedicated team will continue into next year to support the growth within the business. And with increased business comes the need to increase our capacity going forward. With this in mind we are planning an extension to our premises which will increase space by 50% to help us as we face the future as a larger business.

We hope that you’ve had a successful 2019 and look forward to working with you in 2020.

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